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About Us

Emelise Alpacas, LLC began to take shape in 1993 although Susan and Wayne Robinson had never seen an alpaca.  Since that time we have grown from 3 to 8 acres, built 5 barns and witnessed the over 75 crias come into this world. We purchased our first alpacas in 2002 and have never doubted that decision.
A microbiologist by trade, Susan was running a successful pharmaceutical consulting company and working mostly from home around the time of the birth of her second daughter, when the plot of land directly behind their home became available in 2000.

Wayne, also a microbiologist, quickly made an offer on the lot, which was already tax assessed as
farmland. It was through the process of elimination that we were led to alpacas. The concept of raising livestock seemed daunting. If we were going to take that plunge, we needed something small enough that we could take little children into the pasture without worrying about their safety and— the biggest thing of all — we needed animals that were self-sufficient. The animals would need to adjust to our schedule and we wanted something that we wouldn't need to slaughter and, of course, something that would boost our income.  All those things led us to alpacas.

The Emelise Alpacas herd began with two male and two female alpacas in 2002. Nearly 21 years later, we have, at any given time, between 30 and 35 head on the farm, and what began as somewhat of a lark is now a thriving family business, named after our two daughters, Emma and Elise — Emelise Alpacas.

With the both of us having backgrounds in biology, clinical research, and project management, we carefully and methodically built our herd, first concentrating on purchasing the best females we could find. We then made breeding decisions based on accentuating the best traits in these special dams and obtaining an influx of bloodlines from around the country. Starting out we knew the importance of building our genetic base and establishing our foundation animals. We made a conscious decision that our first years would be geared towards analyzing the results of our breeding decisions and retaining at least two generations from each breeding. What was the obvious next step?  We filled our herdsire barn with multi-champion males in the full range of alpaca fleece colors representing the most successful and proven pedigrees in the business.

The good advice we have received and the friendships we have formed encourage us to regard every new contact with respect and truthfulness, expecting that each may grow into a long-term partnership.  We listen to the specific needs of each visitor and strive to meet them in the best possible way for both parties.  Finance options with payment plans can be personalized to meet your individual needs. Providing quality genetics with long-term customer support, guidance and education is a winning combination.

We look forward to your visit!

Wednesday, September 27, 2023